Me vs. Corporate America

Spent some time in Revelstoke this week with Fikowski and
crew. Totally socked in for 4 days. Couldn’t see anything. I hope
Mike got some swet footage cause I didn’t really get too many
flicks. I’ll blog a couple of shots with this post…a couple of
just whatevers from the week. Pretty fun few days though. Got some
cool helmet cam stuff with Dustin and Mineki and shredded some pow
waiting around for the sun. Headed to Golden this week with Murray
and some kids. If the sun doesn’t come out I swear I quit. Oh
speaking of Murray, check out this months Snowboard Canada. He went
to Island Lake Lodge (love it there) with Jeff Patterson for a few
days and Jeff snapped a pretty rad shot of him over the infamous
road gap. The whole article is awesome. Scott Shaw is up in there

I figure I’ll blog like
once a week with some photos and maybe the odd movie. So yeah. Tune
in if you want. If not go back to doing whatever it is you were

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