Sicamous and stuff

So, where is winter? It hasn’t snowed big in over a month. The lawns are starting to turn green in the interior and you have to rough it over a kilometer or so of dirt on the sled trails to find the snow line. Typical conditions for May, but come on, this is March. Early March at that.

Anyway, took a little trip west to Sicamous, BC with the Golden trailer park kids and hit up a few zones. Owl’s head is a crazy spot. Lots of stuff to session up there. The snow was pretty good in places and scary in others. I had to swim my way out of an avalanche that could have easily snuffed me out and Darcy did some avy surfing after a booter gone wrong. Eagles Pass was pretty sick too, but more of the same. Had some really great runs, then we kinda shut er down due to the avy hazard. If you’re ever in Sicamous, the Best Western there is dope. The continental breakfast is rad, they have a secure dry room for your wet shit and the pool and hot tub are sweet too. Its shockingly cheap too if you have sleds with you.

Anyway, heres a few pics.

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