So Im not sure exactly what stuff I’m going to share via this blog. I don’t put most of my photos online, but I mean, I guess this a good place to share the odd one that I don’t plan on trying to get published etc. I suppose its also a good place to let friends and family know what I’ve been up to and where I am and stuff. So yes, that’s it purpose. There might be the odd link to things I think are important and would like people in blog-land to read up on. Blogging is kinda new to me so whatever. Bear with me.

I was in ______ this week with ______and crew. The light was shit and the snow was shallow so we went exploring. All these old dead pine beetle trees somehow burst into flames as we passed. it was the strangest thing. apparently the technical term for it is candling.

only you can start forest fires

getting the hell out of there.

only you can start forest fires

fleeing from the flames.

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