old man

Building a backcountry jump is probably the easiest thing ever! Here are a few little tips to help reduce your workload while out with your friends in booter-land:

a: buy a digital and or film camera
b: make verbal comments about not being able to ‘find a sweet angle’ while you burn a tank of gas sledding the shit out of the entire zone all by yourself. (make sure not to sled in the area your camera will be pointed, once you ‘find an angle’, wink)
c: pretend you are going to shoot long lens, then get far enough away from the jump builders that no one notices you sneaking a little nap
e: it helps to have a bunch of beer to help pass all the time you’ve freed up

Here’s a few flicks and a video from the last few days:

building a jump

old man pano
look fun?

darcy hitting a booter
darcy keller hits a big booter

tyler filming

tyler hitting a big booter….me making a grainy mess

tyler chilling

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One Response to old man

  1. alison says:

    You missed D) burp, fart and enjoy the other sounds of your body functions whilst enjoying the otherwise quiet great outdoors.

    (This is purely speculative, but knowing you, it’s probably close to what you are doing during your quiet time)

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