Trouble in Banff

A couple years ago the homie Trevor Andrew swung thru Banff and put on a Trouble show at the Hoodoo. The show was dope for the most part but a fuse or something blew right in the middle of their set and the crowd was kinda…let’s just say un-stoked. After the show, me and Evan sat down with Trev and his Trouble Crew, which included his band, a couple dudes from the Jackass show as well as JoFo and Scott Doucette and asked some questions. At the time, we were hustling pretty hard trying to get a local shred based magazine off the ground when we hit a financial wall and had to scrap the whole thing. I have a pile of stuff like this in the archives so I may as well share it with you bloggers.


How was the show tonight?
Ah it was a fucking disaster.

You’re back in Whistler full time?
Pretty much, well uh, kinda there for one good stretch then I’ll hang out in Squamish a bit. Now we’re just kinda doing this mini tour with Trouble and doing lots of dates on the west and east coast. You know, keeping it moving, doing the next record. I got a lot of shit going on right now so I’m kinda bouncing back and forth between wherever and New York. New York’s my home in the summer.

How is New York?
Great, great. Its like uh, super inspiring and there’s energy there and so much shit going on. Its dope. It’s a nice balance that I have between NY and Squamish cause its quiet there [Squamish, BC] you know? So at the end of the summer, I’m itching to get back out there for winter and the peace and quiet and get back with my crew.

How do you think your snowboarding helps your music or vice versa?
I think they definitely come from the same place. My snowboarding and skateboarding and my whole life has been influenced by music. Music can just change your emotions from like, sad to happy to making you feel indestructible. So I always use music to hype me up when im snowboarding and make me feel indestructible. When I create my music I try to make it based off of certain feelings. You know what I mean? Im equally inspired by both. If I didn’t have music then my snowboarding would suffer.

What made you want to start making music in the beginning?
Um, nothing really, I never really thought that I’d ever start doing music. Like I always fucked around and spit rhymes and stuff, with my friends, like, just for fun, but I never took myself seriously and I’d always really clown myself. I was real insecure about it, like if I would spit a rap and someone would get that shit on tape, I’d erase it as soon as they fell asleep. Like, I’d go in their camera bag and just erase that shit.


Who are your band members?
We got Masa right here, representing Japan. Ian Longwell, Ian was the first guy I actually got. I was auditioning people for like 2 or 3 months in New York and I had some leads on some good kids and stuff, really talented people, but just like, last second I got some phone calls from some friends and they were like ‘yo I got the guy for you’. Ian happened to be the first guy and he’s the shit. He’s a big part of our live show. He comes here, he sets up he deals with the sound guy. Basically I just show up and Ian’s dealt with the whole thing already. On guitar I have Joel. He’s from Brazil but he lives in New York too. That’s why we all roll together cause we’re all in New York. Joel has border issues right now so he cant really come to Canada so I got my man JoFo from Nova Scotia. He always holds it down and he comes and opens up for us with his own show. He’s got crazy rhymes and shit and I’m supporting him 100 percent.

Where else are you touring?
Next stop is Salt Lake City. After that is Hollywood for the Burton store opening. Then we go back to the east coast for shows in New Jersey and New Hampshire for some Oakley shit. Then we got a show in NY and new years we’re doing with Justice and Peaches so we’re pretty booked up. In between I’ll just be bouncing back and forth snowboarding wherever I am.

Got a favorite show this tour so far? Something tells me it’s not Banff is it? Haha
Well, I’d have to say, as much as it was a disaster with the sound and stuff, the crowd was in there. We started off so good then the fuse just blew and like, most people didn’t even know it was a blown fuse. I was trippin. All these people were like ‘Play dude!’ and I was just like, ‘you cant see that there’s nothing coming outta the fucking microphone right now?’ Overall it was fun as hell and we had all kinds of girls up on stage which is all that really matters. Haha….if the girls are feeling it and having fun the dudes will be feeling it too cause they’re gonna wanna get up and dance with girls.


Who are you filming with this year?
Burtons doing a movie. So I’ll be rolling with Rencz on the west coast and hammering that shit out.

Is Rencz Trouble?
Rencz is definitely Trouble. He’s Trouble gang for sure

Is this your first time visiting Banff?
Uh no its actually my third time. I came here for nationals back in the day. That was the first time I ever met Rencz. He had a little thug thing going on. He looked nuts. I came out for some Olymipc thing once too.

Do you get to go home to Nova Scotia a lot?
Yeah I actually just went back. Went to visit my family and hang out with Douce. Laid down a track for Jofo at CTG studios.

Is the East Coast still just as fun as it used to be?
Its even more fun for me now. This last trip I did I was like tripping out. I cant believe how beautiful it is there and I never noticed. I was snapping pictures everywhere of Victorian homes and everything. Just tripping out cause I never really like….noticed. You know when you’re a kid and stuff you just don’t care about that stuff. You’re like, get me the fuck outta here.


Would you rather spend your time in the city or somewhere quiet like Squamish?
I just wanna keep it moving always. I cant imagine the day when someones like ‘you cant go anywhere’. I was just fucked cause I couldn’t go to the states for like 2 months. I had all these shows booked, but my visa was expired so I wasn’t allowed into the states. Someone taking away your freedom like that is just fucked and I cant imagine not being able to move around.

5 years. Where do you see yourself?
Who knows man. I live totally day to day. Hopefully, sitting lovely. No worries, healthy, chillin with some platinum records on my wall.

Feel like shouting out to anybody?
Yeah man, I’ll give a shout out to all the Trouble gang all the people that support me. My sponsors, Burton, Oakley, CTG records, Airhole. Um, my girl, Santogold. Shout out to JoFo and Douce. Thanks to Banff too for not like, throwing bottles at us and shit.

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