April 24th was a special day. So special in fact that I tasted my first sips of beer well before 9am in preparation for the 3rd annual GT snowracer race.

Held in the backcountry at Quartz Creek outside Golden, BC the event has maintained a loyal following since its birth and has a reputation as being the event of the season. This year was no exception.

The ruthless shit talking was just beginning as the practice runs were being finished up and the racers were performing their last minute mods and tweaks to their sleds. Mods were fully encouraged and lots of sleds had raised bars (a must for the serious contender), some had padded seats and others had snowboards for skis. The deciding factor in a win however, rested solely on the nerves and skill of the driver as physical contact was permitted and medium to large sized jumps were peppered throughout the course.

Truth be told, I was way more concerned with racing, shit talking and drinking beer than I was with shooting pictures. I did manage to get a few though as well as grab some helmet cam footage. So yeah, here it is.

tim nelson no footer
tim nelson is good at everything. one race i watched, he waited at least 30 seconds after the gun went off. then dropped in….and won….

karen mcnab hitting the step down
karen mcnab was killing it in the vagina division.

adam balon
adam balon was not killing it in the penis division. the gt wedgie hurts for days.

GT legend julien labonte (left) showed up and made the finals despite having a piece of garbage for a GT. andrew foxcroft (right) is also a master of the sport.

marcie hilton
marcie hilton was killing it too.

girls winners
After the GT dust settled, Karen McNab claimed first in the girls division with Marcie Hilton just behind in second. I dunno the girls name who won third.

Dave McLean nabbed first for the guys with Tim Nelson grabbing seconds and Moxley finding his place in third.

tim claiming his backpack worth of winnings.

dave mclean gets the backcountry champagne for his first place win.

last years champ, darcy keller, is a disgrace

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