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Thanks for all the comments. Even the ones that make me look like an asshole are valuable to me.

Some of you have been emailing Mr. Condorelli to express your feelings on the matter. Sweet. The support I’m getting on this makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing. I guess he’s been writing back telling people that I’ve been paid and that all I wanted was to have the photo removed etc. To date, I have not been paid and I never asked them to take the photo down. All I wanted was to be paid for my work. I’ve been following the posts on and TGR and taking into account everything thats been said.

For the record, the emails I posted have not been edited whatsoever. I will admit that I omitted 2 emails I sent Jordan in the early days of this battle because he didn’t reply and they just added length to an already lengthy blog post. Anyone Interested in the entire gmail thread is free to ask me for it.

I wasn’t asking for a huge amount of money. The photo cost me more to take than I was asking when you factor in gas to Revelstoke, sled gas, Tim Hortons, beer etc.

I didn’t really expect this to blow up like it did. Now that it has, I’m not quitting.

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  1. radmania says:

    Keep at it man. I’ve had the same sort of troubles with snowboard photos here in Australia – and as a former lawyer in a country with reasonable IP protection, my advice is to fight for what you deserve. Once photogs just cave in, it not only harms your future chances of getting justly rewarded, but harms everyone else working in modern action sports media. So, fight the good fight!

  2. 1954 Stratocaster says:

    Sounds to me like “willful infringement for profit” — a criminal offense. Unless they fantasize that their Web site is an entirely philanthropic endeavor. Have your attorney contact the feds. Mebbe their CEO will have time to rethink his position while he is in jail. After being fired.

    BTW, I learned of your situation from Charlie Borland’s post via an e-mail from the ProNature Photographer site.

  3. k8iet says:

    Wow. You got totally F^%$ed! I used to work in marketing in the ski and snowboard industry and I can’t say I am surprised at all. I currently am a marketing manager in another industry and deal with images and photogs all the time. If you’re in a position like that and don’t know you need permission to use photos you’re not smart enough to do your job. Oh but it’s just on your blog? Lame excuse! Doesn’t matter if its in an email newsletter, website or any other usage. Stay strong – even though I’m on the “other side of the fence” (someone who does the paying – not the getting paid) people like me need photographers like you to get paid and be able to support yourself so that you can continue to take great photos that the rest of us legit companies can buy them to promote ourselves and our products. All the best. Keep the updates coming.

  4. I think the judicial system needs to be more strong worldwide in this aspect when dealing with intellectual property fraud. It is still on the lighter side of the legal issues. and with the internet being one of the major stealing zones there needs to be an independent international judicial body to handle these situations.

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  5. Tom Zittel says:

    Would love to hear an update if and when.

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