random pic post

There are some complications between American and Canadian Copyright laws and long story short, I can’t afford to go to court with even a remote possibility of losing. Case closed.

On the brighter side, it snowed here in Banff the other day. I know right? It’s still August. Walking around downtown, you could see the winter stress in peoples faces. No one wants to let go of the warmth of summer, albeit a very brief one here in the Bow Valley. Digging out gloves and winter jackets when it should be summer freaks out most people. I however miss winter. Dearly. and I welcome it with open arms.

I was browsing through some shots from last season that will likely never see the light of day unless I blog them. So here goes. Hopefully it gets some of you stoked for the snow.

darcy keller ripping down a nice chute in the golden backcountry.

denny reed is the friendliest dude i know. i think he has a crush on me.

guillaume fortin is under-rated. and french.

karen mcnab gettin’ some in the sunset.

timmy nelson making the best of a cloudy day.

i’m andrew fucking hardingham!

murray hodgson is strong as 5 guys!

stephen burchill killing the super-hip with a greasy method. golden backcountry.

logan fulmer on the miniramp in the day..

guillaume on the mini around sunset

and again

jon chew thinks im old.

andrew foxcroft bangs one out over the snowghosts

denny reed…you cant tell cause of all the snow, but he’s got a massive shit eating grin on.

aaron lavoie gets some

tim nelson. i love the shadows in this shot.

this look fun? tim nelson sprays a nice wake.

this shot might have worked out if i didn’t mistakenly ruin my angle by crashing into the fresh landing…oops….stupid photographer….tyler lightfoot goes for it anyway.

me and darcy set out super early, drank four beers before 9am, groomed the sled trail and waited for the sun.
pillows in golden.

stephen burchill, powslash in my favorite zone in golden.

my steed. check out knightriderracks.com if you’re looking for board racks for your sled.

someone spends too much time drilling oil and not enough time shredding the gnar….ahem..
murray hodgson

guillaume fortin out at bankhead

tim nelson dropping a chute in golden

andrew foxcroft + superhip = sweet

tim nelson

guillaume fortin

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One Response to random pic post

  1. adam b says:

    sick chris. stoked to be out there a bunch this season.

    dont stress about grenade…. fuck em. ill spit at that joseph dudes feet in denver at sia this year.

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