So busy!

Holy smokes! September has been a busy month. Between working 2 jobs, trying to get my graphic design on, shooting weddings on my days off and keeping up with magazine submissions and stuff, its starting to feel like I work 24 hours a day!

Can’t complain though I guess, keeping busy is a good thing. Soon it’ll be winter and I’ll be able to chill out a little. Speaking of winter, I started up my skidoo the other day and watched as a thick cloud of blue smoke swept over the playground across the street from my house. I, of course, danced around in the exhaust trying to savour every last breath of 2stroke. The children ran for cover….haha….kidding obviously.

Anyway, I shot a few weddings this month.
Dave and Marna got hitched, Scottish style at Jasper Park Lodge. Beautiful location and a very small wedding. Everyone was so nice. Here’s a few pics from their day. Dave and Marna were fun to shoot despite the weather messing with us all day. It was nice for 5 minutes, then rainy for 10. All in all, a very nice wedding.

My good friends Cam and Steph tied the knot here in Banff. So many familiar faces in the large crowd of family and friends. Gorgeous bridesmaids to boot! Shooting Steph and Cam was too easy. They had a super cool reception up at Mt. Norquay which was by far the best party I’ve been to this year.

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