Wow, winter was amazing. For the past 5 or 6 seasons, I’ve spent the majority of my time hiding behind my camera watching other people snowboard and hoping that I manage to hit the shutter during that split second when everything looks just perfect. This season was a little different. I still had my 50 pound camera bag on almost every day. I still spent a few hours sitting in the cold waiting for my 2 way radio to spark to life with the words ‘dropping in 10’. I still got excited moments before I slid my memory card into the card reader to edit a days work. I still got annoyed with mother nature when she’d send in a sky full of clouds just as I needed it to be sunny. I still did it because I love photography and more specifically, I love snowboard photography.

Anyone living in western Canada will tell you that this has been the best snow season in 3 decades. Every ski town on the map claimed record snowfalls. In January, I watched 2 meters pile up in Donald, BC in less than 48 hours. I had awesome fresh lines every single time I strapped in. Even 3 days ago (April 17th) we were shredding knee deep, fresh, blower snow. At this rate I’ll be sledding well into July.

With such crazy good conditions, I found myself battling……myself. Im sure every sports photographer has the internal dialogue that tries to decide between shoot or shred, but this was different. All I wanted to do was snowboard. After a great day riding with amazing friends in the backcountry, I begged for more. It felt like, this sport that I’ve been doing pretty heavily for 24 years, was brand new. It felt good. It felt revitalizing.

Warmer weather means its time to hustle for the freelance snowboard photographer. Magazines are starting to accept submissions. Snowboard companies are asking for shots of their riders. Oops. I don’t have nearly as much as past seasons and I really could care less. This was the season I found snowboarding again.

To kickstart many hours of editing ahead, I’ll share a few shots with you guys.
I hope your season was as fun as mine.

Luke Barios is awesome. He makes his own beer and always has at least a 2 litre pop bottle handy when we shred.

Denny Reed giggling like a little girl riding pow.

Denny again with a big pow slash

Darcy Keller gets into some serious terrain.

Darcy on a nice jump at Quartz Creek

Murray Hodgson on the set of LOST

Clayton and I hiked into Purple Bowl with Hardingham and Jonas and this happened.

Ave Perry won the NOBOARD race this year. He’s sick and is deadly with a go pro.

Denny hitting a jump in Golden.

Darcy on some hairy line thru the trees.

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2 Responses to Soul

  1. CHRIS!
    this shit is super sick!
    your photos are amazing!
    how ya been?

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