Summer is pretty sweet and I’ve been fly fishing a lot. A friends old man gave me a camper for the back of my truck and its great to have a bedroom and propane stove with me when i go camping. I managed to rip the bottom of my truck out trying to hook power up to it. Duh! But it’s all good now.

That said, I’m sort of missing winter. Here’s a couple random snaps i got this past winter and spring. Click on em and they get bigger (i think)

denny reed dropping an early-bird line at gorman.

darcy keller dropping a scary huge early-bird cliff at gorman

hiking at lake louise with hardingham, jonas and clay.


then this happened. clayton triggered a little avy but i watched him get dragged about 100m facedown.

leanne pelosi with a heavy, high speed pow slash. leanne is dope. so glad i got to tag along for a few days. too bad the shots horribly out of focus.

jonas guinn

randomly ran into karl jost and the society crew while we were filming in the middle of nowhere.

charles morin dropping some pillows somewhere in southern BC

‘whatdya think? should we try this shortcut? we’ll miss the ferry if we stay on the highway’
4 hours later we were back on solid ground. we missed the ferry.

me and andrew eating chips, drinking rummies and watching modern family in the van.

forgot my sleeping bag and had to improvise so i didn’t freeze to death

alex morris is fucking dope

RIP Carter. Filming at the banff centre for nolan adams short shred submission.

spring powder hunt with jordan mendelman, andrew hardingham and potato.


hardingham and potato eyeing up a sweet chute

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