Name: Chris Messervey / aka Pred
Age: middle
Hometown: Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia
Current City: Nelson, BC
Camera Setup: Nikon / go pro

Chris is very, very old. So old in fact that he can remember snowboarding way back when fluorescent was cool….the first time. Packing up his life in 2000, he left his home in Truro, Nova Scotia and moved to Banff, Alberta. After a lengthy celebrity stint as having ‘the nicest method in town’, he decided that snowboarding hurt too much and that photography was a far less painful way to get girls.

SC: How long have you been shooting snow sports?
CM: Since high school but I’ve started taking it seriously for a decade or so.

SC: Ever been published?
CM: Yup, I’ve had a shot or two run in Snowboard Canada, Backcountry Magazine, KingSnow, SledHeads,, Kicking Horse Magazine, Transworld, Highline Magazine.

SC: Tell me a story. Something weird or funny about your photography.
CM: I really have no idea what I’m doing. I just close my eyes, smash all the buttons at once like it was a video game controller and hope for the best.

SC: What inspires you or keeps you going?
CM: I’ll figure I’ll appreciate the photo documented look at my life when the years I’ve spent partying finally catch up with me and destroy my brain.


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