Me vs. Corporate America

In February, I tagged along with Dustin Craven, Andrew Hardingham, Scott Shaw and Mike Fikowski for a few days in Revelstoke, BC to shoot photos. They were filming for Andrews upcoming movie Thunder Mouth. We had 4 days of super shitty light and we didn’t really get much accomplished, but it was a super fun trip and the snow was deep. I got a few shots which will be published this winter in various magazines etc. So, yes, a success for the most part.

Dustin mentioned that Grenade Gloves (his outerwear sponsor) were looking to buy shots of him in next years gear. Great I thought!
It’s pretty standard practice after shooting riders, you preview shots with them, they show their sponsors, if their sponsors are feeling the shots, they buy them for a price based on how they intend to use them.

A while later, Dustin mentioned that Grenade were stoked on a shot and were gonna use it. I was pumped.
I checked out their website for whatever reason and low and behold, in the news section, under the headline “Let Craven RIde’ which was supporting Dustin’s trip to the Olympics, was my photo. I was stoked it was being used, but then a warning light came on in the back of my head. Wait a second, no one even asked me if they could use this photo and I’m pretty sure I’d remember being paid, or at least discussing it?

I hopped on the email machine and Dustin provided me with an address for Jordan Brown, his team manager at Grenade.
I introduced myself and we communicated about the situation. After about a month of friendly chats that lead nowhere, a fellow photographer hooked me up with a different email address at Grenade. This new address belonged to the CEO of the company, Jospeh Condorelli.

So anyway, here’s some emails between them and I starting with Jordan Brown and ending with Joseph Condorelli:


from chris messervey
to “”
date Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:19 AM
subject Dustin Craven Photograph
Mar 5

Hey Jordan,

I was checking out your website today and noticed a photo of Dustin in the news section, under the heading “let craven ride” that I had recently snapped while in Revelstoke. Stoked!! Glad you liked the image! Just wondering where I can send an invoice? Do you handle that sort of thing yourself or?

Thanks Jordan,
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Chris Messervey

from Jordan Brown
to chris messervey
date Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 11:50 AM
subject RE: Dustin Craven Photograph

Mar 5

Totally. Let me know what we are working with. Get me what you require!
The photos are great. Keep em coming if you got em!

Thanks Chris!
Jordan Brown
Team Manager


Thats the last I heard from Jordan until March 25th.

Mar 25

Hey again Jordan,

We really need to get this matter settled asap. Its been a while since I’ve heard from you.
Heres an invoice and licensing agreement for you.
Please respond within 3 business days so I know we’re on the same page here.



No reply to this one. At this point, I contacted Grenades CEO Joseph Condorelli. Now the fun really begins.


from chris messervey
date Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 4:56 PM
subject Dustin Craven image on your website
Apr 18


I was given your email address by a fellow photographer who has worked with you in the past.

I’ve been communicating with Jordan Brown via email regarding an image of Dustin Craven that was posted on your website in early March in support of an article titled, ‘Let Craven Ride’. The image is one I snapped this winter and I assume was given to you by Dustin.

Jordan has assured me that this is high priority and I realize you are all busy with Grenade Games and such, however, this matter needs to be dealt with ASAP. I have sent Jordan an invoice and license agreement numerous times and so far nothing has been done. It has been weeks since I’ve heard from him.

The image was used without permission and/or payment.
Not trying to cause trouble, just would like this matter settled.


from JC
to chris messervey
date Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 8:54 PM
subject RE: Dustin Craven image on your website
Apr 20

I appreciate your communications but it was given to me from a rider as do all the pics on the blog
I do not pay for website photography if you would like me to take it down I will
I do not wish you any harm but you should not give your art to someone if you are looking to sell it

Thank you
Joseph L. Condorelli
Chief Executive Officer
Grenade INC


Hey Joe,
Thanks for the email.
Regardless if a rider gave it to you or not, you still used my copyrighted work on your website without my permission. Which I am sure you are aware is illegal.

I normally charge $XXX/per month for web based images. Seeing as how there has been some confusion between you and Dustin, Im willing to overlook this misunderstanding and only charge you a flat fee of $XXX which will give you permission to use that photo on your website for one year.

I preview shots with all my riders. They send them to their sponsors. Their sponsors pay me. Its a pretty standard routine.

Not looking to make enemies here Joe.


I am confused but I do not have any copyrighted photos of any one please let me know what you are trying to do?
If it is business you want let me know if it is money please do not keep bothering me about this you know where I stand.

Thank you
Joseph L. Condorelli



Although I’m glad to hear where you stand on money and Im sorry for bothering you, unfortunately, you have used one of my images without permission or payment. If you aren’t willing to settle this professionally, I will be contacting the US copyright office as well as the better business bureau. In the future you should make sure the images your athletes ‘give’ you are not the property of someone else.

Please note that if you would like me to pursue this further, I will be charging my 5x rate for unauthorized, uncredited work.

Here’s some light reading for you.

I doubt you want to be a news headline.

Please find attached the image in question. A Dustin Craven image that is my copyrighted property. Also find attached an invoice and license.

Thanks for your time.


I looked all over the website and I do not see what you are talking about but I can tell you this if you are such a great photographer
This must be why I never heard of you because you waste people’s time.
This will be the last time I write the next time I will contact an attorney

Thank you
Joseph L. Condorelli


Thanks again Mr.Condorelli,

If the screenshots I’ve been sending you wont do, here is a link to MY image on YOUR website. (they removed the photo)

I would love for you to contact your attorney. Please do! When he informs you that you have in fact infringed on my copyrighted work you can pay me. Simple as that. Don’t wait too long as the price will increase 20 percent for every 15 days that you don’t pay.

You can contact Dustin and deal with him if you like, but either way MY image was used without permission, as I NEVER gave Dustin or yourself permission to use MY image.

Dustin did not use MY image for promotional use, GRENADE did. You will be hearing from my attorney if this matter persists.

Again here is the invoice and web screen grab attached. As of the usage date, you are owing for usage. If you would like I will add in the overcharges now for late payment, plus additional usage fees for not being released nor credited for my work.

I know my rights Mr. Condorelli and I also know yours. You/Grenade, in this matter have none and since Grenade should have asked if this image was released, Grenade is in the wrong. Feel free to ask your attorney, I’ve done this more than once and if you would like to try to scare me, have fun. I am protected under international copyright laws, you have nothing to stand on as I never gave you or Dustin permission to use this image.

Thanks for the comments re: not knowing me. Shows me how professional you are.

Please provide me with your attorneys contact info so I can have my attorney contact yours directly. Please understand I am being quite serious and if you would like to bring lawyers into this, by all means do so. It will only solidify your wrong doing and make this quite expensive for you considering what my invoice is now.

Have a great day.
Chris Messervey


At this point, Jordan Brown and I had a couple phone conversations about the situation. He’s a pretty nice dude and he said he’d do whatever he could to get me paid. He’d talk to Danny Kass and he was ‘down for me’. The trail then went cold until I sent him one final email on July 3rd


Im sure you’re a nice guy. In fact Facebook tells me we share a few of the same friends.

That said, this is your last chance. While you’ve been ignoring me, I’ve been talking to the Better Business Bureau of California about this situation and they have provided me with legal advice. They have also suggested I file a case with Small Claims Court of California and have given me all the information I need to do so. You can be sure I will be asking for a great deal more than the original $XXX I quoted you and I can guarantee that I will also be awarded legal fees since the photos are copyrighted. Legal fees that Grenade will be responsible for paying. I somehow doubt I even need to tell you that if you decide to go further with this, I will win. Grenade has infringed on my copyrighted work and is therefore is in the wrong. I will win.

I have screen shots of my photo on your website and I’ve saved all of our email conversations.

Your call. You have 3 days.

Hey Chris

I have not been ignoring you. I am in Europe with our team right now.
Please do not take anything personally.
I do not deal in finances for Grenade. I do my best to influence the correct decisions on our end.

I agree with you that if we receive a photo from you directly of any of our athletes and we choose to use it on our site that you should be compensated.

In the case of the photo of Dustin Craven on our Blog. It was forwarded to me by Dustin himself not from you direclty. Prior to receiving it we have never been in contact. We were not even aware it came from you until you reached out. That being said I am acknowledging that it is your photo. That being the case it probably should not have been sent to me via Dustin without any introduction or background on where it came from and if it is something we are required to pay for however much it may be.
The photos I received were not watermarked or noted as your work so I had no way of knowing if they belonged to you or anyone else.
Merely a blog photo to promote Dustin from a grass roots level.
Danny, Joseph, and Craven are all CCed on this email.

I think it is in all our best interest to get it sorted out ASAP. Due to us being in Europe however it might not happen over night. And once again any financial decisions from Grenade are not mine but I will due my best to influence the right course of action.

Please let me know when you receive this.

Jordan Brown

from JC
to Jordan Brown
date Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 3:16 PM
subject Re: Dustin Craven image on your website
3:16 PM (16 hours ago)

I told you ten time stop communicating with this guy please he is unstable or something I will report you to the authorities and you know if you are begging for a XXX dollar handout you must be living in the streets now stop

Sent from my iPad
Jospeh Condorelli
The End.

the snowboard industry is full of dickbags and theives.

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summer skate sesh

2 blogs in one day? Whats going on??

Shooting in the skatepark is lame. Unless you’re with Cail and Marcel.
We hit up the skatepark in Canmore one day last month. I was sooo hungover and it was packed with kids and bowlwolves….it also rained on us….
We got a few shots regardless.






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I’ve had this pic sitting on my desktop for a while. Been trying to clean up my computers and I may as well put it on here.

Last fall my bud Randi asked me to design a poster for her to go in a window at The Circle Snowboard shop in Whistler. It was a BIG window…like 60 inches high.
Wish I could have saw the window before designing the poster so that I could have avoided the window pane right down thru the middle….:(

Randi’s site is here:

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If you’re new to Banff, you might wanna pay attention.
There was a time when seeing this old, beat-off, brown camper van, busting at the seams with fireworks, porno, Jack Daniel’s and 18 year old sluts, was not out of place on the streets of Banff. Lovingly nicknamed Curry-Poo by most of our community, its owners were at the centre of Banff’s live music scene.

Blacked Out played many a show over their years in town and have recently up and left for greener pastures (Vancouver, BC). They’ve been back once or twice and their last show at the Devils Gap left me with a massive hangover, empty wallet and mystery bruises on 90 percent of my body.

They’re back on July 18th at the Devil’s Gap. If you don’t like to party, stay the fuck home.

Evan sat down with Wade and Dicker a while back and got the scoop.
Here goes:

Who is Blacked Out? Give us your full names.
Wade: Myself, Wade McLeod and Morgan Farrell and uh……Dicker. Ryan Dicker Walker on drums.

Where is Morgan?
Wade: Morgan had to take a trip to Thailand. He’s gone for 6 weeks.

How do you feel about that?
Wade: Its good. Good for him. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little vacation.

shot 1
Wade McLeod (left) and Dicker (right) – Blacked Out

Where are you all from?
Wade: Im from Dawson Creek, BC. Redneck land.
Dicker: Im from the Valley [Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia] with all the lobsters.

You’re recording a new album?
Wade: Yeah, we’re working on it. Its going pretty good.

Why are you recording it at home and not in a professional studio?
Wade: We tried going into the studio before and found we easily could have gotten better sound and did a better job right here at home. Chris Barkhouse is our tech and he’s really good. So far we’re really happy with the progress. Its kinda on hold right now while Morgan’s off jet setting around Asia but we’ll hopefully release it in late January, early February, something like that.

How’s the Banff music scene now compared to when you first started out?
Wade: Well there was another band back in the day called _____. We got a bunch of gigs with them and they helped us through the rough times.
Dicker: The 508 Deer times.

So, is the scene better now? Then?
Wade: Its still all you guys just fighting each other in the pit hahah….but….we have the Devils Gap now so that place brings a lot more bands into town. Some of them we know and some of them we don’t so we get to network with a lot of people, which builds the scene here more. People want to come here and play.
Dicker: We’re a little older now.
Wade: We’re a lot more mature.
Dicker: Im a professor.
Wade: Yup, Dickers got his degree is professor-ism.

We’ve all seen it. Tell us about Curry-Poo.
Wade: Its our van man! It’s the bloodline of Blacked Out. Without Curry-Poo we wouldn’t be what we are today.
Dicker: The tampon box in the front windshield is essential for our bands image.

shot 2

Tell us your favorite Curry Poo story.
Dicker: My favorite is one time in Vancouver, we lit a sonic boom [firework] and tossed it in the van while our roadie, Moneen, was sleeping in there by himself. He came out all covered in fucking dust and smoke. It was great.

shot 3

Who’s Moneen?
Dicker: Best fuckin’ roadie ever.
Wade: Way better then Beeler. Way better then Boozy.
Dicker: Hell yeah, Boozy cries all the time and wants to go home to his girlfriend. Haha.
Wade: Beeler just shows up on the road bleeding with a concussion so he can’t really get the job done.

Groupies or girlfriends?
Dicker: Groupies.
Wade: haha…..definatly groupies. They’re good to have around, they’re a lot more fun and they don’t get mad at you for the little things that would make a relationship weird…

Whats up with you guys wearing shorts all winter long?
Wade: I dunno if you noticed but I’m not tall, so when I wear pants they just hang off the bottom like 4 or 5 inches. I just wear shorts all the time to save material.
Dicker: I only have one pair of pants.

What kinda stuff do you guys do in your off time?
Wade: Drink.
Dicker: Drink
Wade: No, but we do other stuff too. Snowboard, mountain bike, skateboard. I used to climb mountains a lot but I don’t really do that much anymore. Dickers a climber now too! What are you supposed to say when you get to the ground Dicker?
Dicker: On the ground!
Wade: Yeah that’s it, really technical climber talk. We don’t expect you to understand.

How do you guys promote Blacked Out?
Dicker: Internet.
Wade: Yeah we have a myspace account.
That’s pretty much the only way to get ahold of us. We have a lot of word of mouth promotion too. Banff’s got such an international crowd, a lot of people just move back home or whatever and tell everyone about this crazy band in Banff.

If you had to choose a season in Banff, would it be the winter or summer?
Dicker: Winter.
Wade: Winter.

shot 4

Is it true that Dicker invented a new drink?
Dicker: Tequilarade! Tequila and Gatorade. It gets you wasted and hydrates you at the same time! The best part is, if you throw your Tequila and Gatorade in the freezer at the same time, by the time you’re half done your bottle, it starts to freeze then you have Margarita-rade!

Are you guys having a hard time in Banff trying to find a place to play live music?
Wade: Yeah its hard. It feels like the town isn’t very supportive. Bylaws and stuff change from time to time it seems. We’ve had noise complaints. Its hard to even practice cause you get fines and stuff in the middle of the day.

Do you guys think you portray a punk rock image?
Wade: We just like having a good time. Its not really punk rock. Don’t get me wrong, I think studs and all that are cool, but like, we don’t have spikey Mohawks or anything. I do have a pretty cool bass though. Its painted green and orange. Its custom. I painted it myself, Its pretty cool and I’m pretty cool so I thought I should paint it.

What’s your favorite thing about playing live?
Dicker: Energy in the crowd.
Wade: Yup energy…its great

What bands have influenced you the most?
Dicker: My drumming is probably old school Lagwagon. Pantera.
Wade: Pantera for sure. I grew up with the metal heads so my roots are pretty heavy. Pantera and Slayer were breakfast for me. I had a mullet when I was a kid. Im not afraid.

Jack Daniels or porno?
Dicker: Porno..or…uh…..
Wade: Jack Daniels. No wait….arrgh….porno? No Jack….man…is there no comprimise?
Dicker: argh….thats not fair.
Wade: That’s a draw. Can we move on to some more fair questions?

Why do you guys always seem to have fireworks?
Dicker: They’re fun. Really, really fun.
Wade: Firecrackers and stuff are just as fun now as they were in grade 6.

So you only use them for visual effects? You would never shoot them at people right?
Wade: Only close friends. They’re kind of like a warm hug.

What’s you favorite place in Canada to play?
Wade: Banff. All the idiot friends are here and come to shows and support us. Nothing like the hometown crowd.
Dicker: Vancouver’s got a pretty good scene too.

Dicker: I have a question for you….whats that pink bracelet you got on there?
Its for breast cancer.
Dicker: Save the titties!

shot 5

The interview finishes with Dicker putting Morgan (his pet fish) on one of his drums and as it flops around, it makes drummy sounds. Everyone laughs.

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Wow, turns out when its not winter, I really don’t have much to say.

The homie Spencer Francey hooked me up with a little interview on

You can find it here:

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April 24th was a special day. So special in fact that I tasted my first sips of beer well before 9am in preparation for the 3rd annual GT snowracer race.

Held in the backcountry at Quartz Creek outside Golden, BC the event has maintained a loyal following since its birth and has a reputation as being the event of the season. This year was no exception.

The ruthless shit talking was just beginning as the practice runs were being finished up and the racers were performing their last minute mods and tweaks to their sleds. Mods were fully encouraged and lots of sleds had raised bars (a must for the serious contender), some had padded seats and others had snowboards for skis. The deciding factor in a win however, rested solely on the nerves and skill of the driver as physical contact was permitted and medium to large sized jumps were peppered throughout the course.

Truth be told, I was way more concerned with racing, shit talking and drinking beer than I was with shooting pictures. I did manage to get a few though as well as grab some helmet cam footage. So yeah, here it is.

tim nelson no footer
tim nelson is good at everything. one race i watched, he waited at least 30 seconds after the gun went off. then dropped in….and won….

karen mcnab hitting the step down
karen mcnab was killing it in the vagina division.

adam balon
adam balon was not killing it in the penis division. the gt wedgie hurts for days.

GT legend julien labonte (left) showed up and made the finals despite having a piece of garbage for a GT. andrew foxcroft (right) is also a master of the sport.

marcie hilton
marcie hilton was killing it too.

girls winners
After the GT dust settled, Karen McNab claimed first in the girls division with Marcie Hilton just behind in second. I dunno the girls name who won third.

Dave McLean nabbed first for the guys with Tim Nelson grabbing seconds and Moxley finding his place in third.

tim claiming his backpack worth of winnings.

dave mclean gets the backcountry champagne for his first place win.

last years champ, darcy keller, is a disgrace

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Trouble in Banff

A couple years ago the homie Trevor Andrew swung thru Banff and put on a Trouble show at the Hoodoo. The show was dope for the most part but a fuse or something blew right in the middle of their set and the crowd was kinda…let’s just say un-stoked. After the show, me and Evan sat down with Trev and his Trouble Crew, which included his band, a couple dudes from the Jackass show as well as JoFo and Scott Doucette and asked some questions. At the time, we were hustling pretty hard trying to get a local shred based magazine off the ground when we hit a financial wall and had to scrap the whole thing. I have a pile of stuff like this in the archives so I may as well share it with you bloggers.


How was the show tonight?
Ah it was a fucking disaster.

You’re back in Whistler full time?
Pretty much, well uh, kinda there for one good stretch then I’ll hang out in Squamish a bit. Now we’re just kinda doing this mini tour with Trouble and doing lots of dates on the west and east coast. You know, keeping it moving, doing the next record. I got a lot of shit going on right now so I’m kinda bouncing back and forth between wherever and New York. New York’s my home in the summer.

How is New York?
Great, great. Its like uh, super inspiring and there’s energy there and so much shit going on. Its dope. It’s a nice balance that I have between NY and Squamish cause its quiet there [Squamish, BC] you know? So at the end of the summer, I’m itching to get back out there for winter and the peace and quiet and get back with my crew.

How do you think your snowboarding helps your music or vice versa?
I think they definitely come from the same place. My snowboarding and skateboarding and my whole life has been influenced by music. Music can just change your emotions from like, sad to happy to making you feel indestructible. So I always use music to hype me up when im snowboarding and make me feel indestructible. When I create my music I try to make it based off of certain feelings. You know what I mean? Im equally inspired by both. If I didn’t have music then my snowboarding would suffer.

What made you want to start making music in the beginning?
Um, nothing really, I never really thought that I’d ever start doing music. Like I always fucked around and spit rhymes and stuff, with my friends, like, just for fun, but I never took myself seriously and I’d always really clown myself. I was real insecure about it, like if I would spit a rap and someone would get that shit on tape, I’d erase it as soon as they fell asleep. Like, I’d go in their camera bag and just erase that shit.


Who are your band members?
We got Masa right here, representing Japan. Ian Longwell, Ian was the first guy I actually got. I was auditioning people for like 2 or 3 months in New York and I had some leads on some good kids and stuff, really talented people, but just like, last second I got some phone calls from some friends and they were like ‘yo I got the guy for you’. Ian happened to be the first guy and he’s the shit. He’s a big part of our live show. He comes here, he sets up he deals with the sound guy. Basically I just show up and Ian’s dealt with the whole thing already. On guitar I have Joel. He’s from Brazil but he lives in New York too. That’s why we all roll together cause we’re all in New York. Joel has border issues right now so he cant really come to Canada so I got my man JoFo from Nova Scotia. He always holds it down and he comes and opens up for us with his own show. He’s got crazy rhymes and shit and I’m supporting him 100 percent.

Where else are you touring?
Next stop is Salt Lake City. After that is Hollywood for the Burton store opening. Then we go back to the east coast for shows in New Jersey and New Hampshire for some Oakley shit. Then we got a show in NY and new years we’re doing with Justice and Peaches so we’re pretty booked up. In between I’ll just be bouncing back and forth snowboarding wherever I am.

Got a favorite show this tour so far? Something tells me it’s not Banff is it? Haha
Well, I’d have to say, as much as it was a disaster with the sound and stuff, the crowd was in there. We started off so good then the fuse just blew and like, most people didn’t even know it was a blown fuse. I was trippin. All these people were like ‘Play dude!’ and I was just like, ‘you cant see that there’s nothing coming outta the fucking microphone right now?’ Overall it was fun as hell and we had all kinds of girls up on stage which is all that really matters. Haha….if the girls are feeling it and having fun the dudes will be feeling it too cause they’re gonna wanna get up and dance with girls.


Who are you filming with this year?
Burtons doing a movie. So I’ll be rolling with Rencz on the west coast and hammering that shit out.

Is Rencz Trouble?
Rencz is definitely Trouble. He’s Trouble gang for sure

Is this your first time visiting Banff?
Uh no its actually my third time. I came here for nationals back in the day. That was the first time I ever met Rencz. He had a little thug thing going on. He looked nuts. I came out for some Olymipc thing once too.

Do you get to go home to Nova Scotia a lot?
Yeah I actually just went back. Went to visit my family and hang out with Douce. Laid down a track for Jofo at CTG studios.

Is the East Coast still just as fun as it used to be?
Its even more fun for me now. This last trip I did I was like tripping out. I cant believe how beautiful it is there and I never noticed. I was snapping pictures everywhere of Victorian homes and everything. Just tripping out cause I never really like….noticed. You know when you’re a kid and stuff you just don’t care about that stuff. You’re like, get me the fuck outta here.


Would you rather spend your time in the city or somewhere quiet like Squamish?
I just wanna keep it moving always. I cant imagine the day when someones like ‘you cant go anywhere’. I was just fucked cause I couldn’t go to the states for like 2 months. I had all these shows booked, but my visa was expired so I wasn’t allowed into the states. Someone taking away your freedom like that is just fucked and I cant imagine not being able to move around.

5 years. Where do you see yourself?
Who knows man. I live totally day to day. Hopefully, sitting lovely. No worries, healthy, chillin with some platinum records on my wall.

Feel like shouting out to anybody?
Yeah man, I’ll give a shout out to all the Trouble gang all the people that support me. My sponsors, Burton, Oakley, CTG records, Airhole. Um, my girl, Santogold. Shout out to JoFo and Douce. Thanks to Banff too for not like, throwing bottles at us and shit.

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old man

Building a backcountry jump is probably the easiest thing ever! Here are a few little tips to help reduce your workload while out with your friends in booter-land:

a: buy a digital and or film camera
b: make verbal comments about not being able to ‘find a sweet angle’ while you burn a tank of gas sledding the shit out of the entire zone all by yourself. (make sure not to sled in the area your camera will be pointed, once you ‘find an angle’, wink)
c: pretend you are going to shoot long lens, then get far enough away from the jump builders that no one notices you sneaking a little nap
e: it helps to have a bunch of beer to help pass all the time you’ve freed up

Here’s a few flicks and a video from the last few days:

building a jump

old man pano
look fun?

darcy hitting a booter
darcy keller hits a big booter

tyler filming

tyler hitting a big booter….me making a grainy mess

tyler chilling

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Speaking of Arson.
Sold a couple pics to Arson this week of Darcy and Karen for Arson and Orbs next years outerwear tags. Pretty cool. Here’s the shots.

darcy keller

karen mcnab

And, shot some portrait stuff for some chicks too.


till next time.

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So Im not sure exactly what stuff I’m going to share via this blog. I don’t put most of my photos online, but I mean, I guess this a good place to share the odd one that I don’t plan on trying to get published etc. I suppose its also a good place to let friends and family know what I’ve been up to and where I am and stuff. So yes, that’s it purpose. There might be the odd link to things I think are important and would like people in blog-land to read up on. Blogging is kinda new to me so whatever. Bear with me.

I was in ______ this week with ______and crew. The light was shit and the snow was shallow so we went exploring. All these old dead pine beetle trees somehow burst into flames as we passed. it was the strangest thing. apparently the technical term for it is candling.

only you can start forest fires

getting the hell out of there.

only you can start forest fires

fleeing from the flames.

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